Bianca Vozzi

Bianca Vozzi

Argentina | MDS 15

I am a curious, expressive and enthusiastic person, who enjoys working on various contexts and with people from different backgrounds. My academic and work experience is focus on helping companies to design innovative product-service ideas, develop business strategies and to be a link between design and management departments to work together in order to achieve the company objectives.

Which kind of contribution has provided to your career the MDS experience?
It has been a starting point for developing my career as a consultant. Strategic Design is way of thinking, a mind set, that provides a very different approach to company’s problems, and it has help me to add value and differentiate myself from the rest of the traditional consultancies firms. I am currently working both freelance and as an employee, and I’ve been able to apply different tools and method I learnt at MDS in both areas. The consultancy job is of course more creative, because each project and each client is unique; and as an analyst in the area of strategic planning, in an insurance group firm, I can always add new ways of seeing things during the strategic planning process.

Outline the MDS experience according four keywords or key adjectives

Revealing, Exiting, Challenging, Fun.

Would you suggest this experience to other professionist?
I would, but is very important for anyone who is interest in doing it, that is not like you will get a job as strategic designer afterwards, you have to create that job, that position, that profile. It’s a journey you take, and time and experience will show you, after some years maybe, how much it was worth it.