Giorgio De Marco

Italy | MDS 13

Strategist & Service Designer at Continuum
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Born to play Lego, imagine paradoxical technologies and possible futures. I am a strategist and service designer at Continuum, where I deal with redesigning meaningful future consumption scenarios, and exploring and analysing consumer and cultural trends. I thrive on making connections across seemingly disparate areas, solving problems using a balance of strong analytical skills and intuition. My main area of interest is the research and development that leads to the innovation of products, services and businesses.


Which kind of contribution has provided to your career the MDS experience?
Diving back in into the world of creation after a career change is not always an easy thing to do. The MDS was for me the right move to reapproach the design territory and to pair it with the previous experience in the business universe. The diverse background of both teachers and fellow students exposed me to different mindsets and approaches and helped me to enrich my skillset. The project based courses proved to be great opportunity to test what it means be a strategic designer in the real world as well as provided many networking occasions.

Outline the MDS experience according four keywords or key adjectives
Dynamic: You have little time to stand still. Lots of projects to work on, information to absorb and people to meet.
Channeling: The course is well structured and manages to direct you towards specific goals
Prismatic: Despite its focusing structure, the course still manages to retain a diversity in terms of subjects covered that exposes you to many different worlds and ideas.
Motivating: Learning how design is not necessarily just about objects, services or cool graphics but it can also be about orchestrating different levels of knowledge within an organisation to generate innovative value gives you a different perspective about your career and opens up new options.

Would you suggest this experience to other professionist?
Everyday we were in the classroom with what became a little family by the end. The insights and the skills I’ve learnt are going to stay with me as much as the friendships I’ve made. Both humanly and career wise the course is definitely something I would recommend to professionals interested in a career at the intersection between design, strategy and innovation.