Lina Ceschin

Lina Ceschin

Brazil | MDS 14

Strategic Designer consultant for INSITUM
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Which kind of contribution has provided to your career the MDS experience?
MDS was a turning point in my career. I had a degree in graphic design, and even though I loved the idea of creation, I knew this was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life: I felt there was something missing… That’s when the Specializing Master entered: it showed me how to connect consumers with ideas that really mattered, with services, products, projects that could really change their lives. Now I work in one of the five most innovative companies in Latin America, doing what I really came out to do.

Outline the MDS experience according some keywords or key adjectives.
The most meaningful adjectives could be: exhaustive (in a good way), captivating, exciting work-full.

Would you suggest this experience to other professionals?
I would very well advise this course for anyone that consider the possibility of using the final user/consumer perspective as a starting point.