pranay gupta

Pranay Gupta

India | MDS 19

Design Strategist & Entrepreneur
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“Knowledge is like having light inside your brain. The more you have it, the clearer you will see and farther will be your vision. Bring the light from everyone together and it can illuminate a person, a society, a city, a nation, the world.”

This analogy has always been the guiding principle for me as an accessory designer, a visual merchandiser, a concept artist and a visual designer across my experiences through companies like adidas, Broadcast2World and Accenture. And it is the same principle that guided me to develop myself as a Strategic Designer.
My modus operandi is always to reach the most fundamental bits of an information; deconstruct it, and then put together the pieces in a manner that make sense for everyone and create value for the greater good.
Following that same thought I am currently working on developing an entrepreneurial idea that started in the beautiful south of Italy, Martina Franca & Ostuni. It’s a service that helps women feel safer while traveling alone in cities.
On a personal front I am very enthusiastic about ‘Learning and Making’. I am not bound by specific subjects of interests. My enthusiasm ranges from astronomy to world war II, from ancient world civilizations to how stuff works, from human behavioural psychology to learning how to make augmented reality apps and a lot more.
In context of the above analogy, I believe the more you learn, the more light you have, higher is the probability that you will be able to see other people in your light. In one word: #empathy (cause human beings cannot function in dark). And I believe it is one of the most important and strongest ways of not just building solutions that are right but building communities with values that work together in building these right solutions.
“I am a torch-bearer; spreading light for myself and others. Design and Strategy are my tools, my torch in this mission.”

Which kind of contribution has provided to your career the MDS experience?
The MDS has been a collection of experiential epiphanies for me. When you know a lot of concepts, but then you get to experience them and understand their real meaning. Empathy has been the strongest value that I experienced and amplified through well-defined theory and practical exercises at Poli.Design. Empathy allowed me to develop a Global Perspective on different subjects around me, but more importantly I developed a global perspective of myself, with classmates and colleagues from nearly 20 different nationalities across the duration of the course. And this development helped me become better at understanding and defining the problems and solutions; for today and tomorrow. But I must emphasise, what brings together the best of experience at MDS is Team Work; collaborating together the best of ideas, experiences and capabilities from across the world in a highly challenging environment.

Outline the MDS experience according four keywords or key adjectives
Become a Consultant of the Future

Would you suggest this experience to other professionist?
I would recommend this course for anyone who wishes to explore the importance of Design and Strategy; how it is and will help enable the ‘Change’ that the industries across the globe are going through. The course will teach you to become a part of this ‘Change’ and endow you with the know-hows of doing it; the beautiful mix of Design & Management.