Satwik Saraswati

Satwik Saraswati

India | MDS 8

Global Design Director for Accessories, Adidas Performance Training

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Which kind of contribution has provided to your career the MDS experience?
MDS nurtured in me a sense of questioning and trying out new means of interacting with people. It exposed me to some of the most relevant question being asked by consumers and platforms that serve them such as sustainable practices and end to end thinking.

Outline the MDS experience according some keywords or key adjectives.
My experience at MDS could be best summed up with:
Holistic: The modules, projects as well as everyday interactions exposed me to a whole world of people & ideas. The course is designed in a way that is both didactic as well as practical and prepared me to participate in projects and conversations not just within but also outside the usual design processes.
Collaborative: I was in classroom filled with people from all over the world with very different backgrounds. Working together with them in a way was / is very similar to working in a large international organization such as Adidas. It prepared me to collaborate and work with ideas that are often not similar to mine but highly enriching ultimately leading to a unique set of solutions.
Eye opening: The experience of working with broad topics such as sustainable / culturally relevant as well as technologically advanced products / solution systems prepared me for a work environment that is ever changing and expects answers as well as participation from every area (including design) of an organization.

Would you suggest this experience to other professionals?
Ultimately the experience, including living in Milan, networking with a larger group of creatives within and outside the Politecnico is an experience that I can only recommend to anyone wanting to boost their careers in a creative setting.