Fabrizio Scribano

Fabrizio Scribano

Italy | MDS 17

I’m Fabrizio Scribano. I’m from Sicily, where I started my studies in a warm and stimulating environment. After a short working experience in my hometown, I moved in Milan to feed my passion for design and enrich my knowledge. In fact, I took a course in Interior Design in one of the most internationally recognized design schools, Politecnico di Milano. As a curious designer, I couldn’t’ stop learning. Therefore, I chose to study strategic design in order to gain specific skills in the design-driven innovation field.
Right after my studies, I got the opportunity to test myself in Sirap, a very dynamic packaging company where, following a market research, I won a contest with the design of a ready meal packaging. Few time later the company offered me a position as a marketing and strategic designer. I am responsible of the corporate identity of the group. I give my contribution to the innovation with ideas, market research and a positive attitude. I’m currently working in the business development department.
I love science in many of its disciplines. In my spare time I like reading books and articles about chemistry, quantum physics and technology.
I’m very ambitious, I take care of every detail and I love challenges. I try to be updated with the design trends, the real drivers of my projects.
I would like to use design to inspire people and to make things work and look better. Furthermore, I exploit my scientific perspective to keep myself open-minded and to experiment new solutions.

Which kind of contribution has provided to your career the MDS experience?
The MDS experience has definitely contributed to my actual life. It opened my mind to the world of innovation and gave me the right skills and contacts to start my  career from where I wanted to! The master gave me a wide knowledge in many aspects of design and innovation management, from the marketing to the project management. Skills that I’m using in my actual working position.

Outline the MDS experience according four keywords or key adjectives
Ambition, International environment, Challenge, Teamwork

Would you suggest this experience to other professionist?
Yes. It is an investmen that will pay off almost immediately, not only with a professional know-how, but with its international network of people that will bring you ideas, different approaches and the widest cultural richness.