Giulio Toscani

AI & Creativity

An expert on Digital Strategy and Strategic Leadership, Giulio lives between Barcelona, Spain, and Lima, Perú, where he is professor at ESADE and Pacifico Business School. He also has experience as advisor and professor with companies, academic Institutions and not-for-profit organisations, like CCL (Belgium), SDA Bocconi, Politecnico MIlano (Italy), Telefonica (Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Guatemala), General Electric (Europe), Navozyme (Singapore), Nike and Megafon (Russia), Bic (France), Parexcelence (India), Globis and NUCB (Japan), Bayer (Portugal and Spain) and Ely Lily (Spain).
The subjects are: Disruptive Innovation by Big Data & AI | Organisational culture for Digital Transformation |Innovative Organisations | Big data: Customer care or Society Surveillance |Contemporary issues in Business |Digital Leaders’ strategic skills | Digital Entrepreneurship | Human-centric tools for Business Artificial Intelligence
In addition to holding an extensive international management and teaching experience with multicultural groups, Giulio also presided for 4 years over the Global Management Programme at Universitas Telefonica, co-managed and taught with IESE Business School. He is currently the Academic Director and professor for the Programme in Artificial Intelligence for Business Strategy in ESADE Business School, Barcelona.
His vast experience on Big Data/AI springs from his work on location-system behavioural analysis and time perception project at Telefonica. He has also participated in the programme on AI for business at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is currently in the board of a blockchain company based in Singapore. He is a speaker in the AI for Good Summit, Geneva (Switzerland) and at the G1 Global Conference in Tokyo (Japan).
Giulio started his career as a patent attorney for chemical plants in Lugano, Switzerland, deepening his interest in Innovation, now consolidated with years of teaching Design Thinking programme for AI/ Big data. He also has an MBA, and a PhD in Management from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, and is involved in research projects on Machine Learning and CEO mindset with IESE Business School. He has also published in leading publications like Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Journal of Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing etc.
He plays the side flute in a classical music orchestra, is a yoga teacher, a vipassana meditator and an ultra-trail runner with personal record of 120 km. Based out of Barcelona, he has worked, visited or lived in over 100 countries, most recently having cycled solo halfway across the Black Sea and Caucasus, published in his youtube channel.