Guilherme Pacher

Venezuela | MDS 16

Digital Marketing / Brand Strategist at UPS
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I am Venezuelan and I am deeply passionate about Design. I am a very curious and always very eager to learn new things. Love being part of a team and enjoy being surrounded by people who challenge my opinions all the time. I studied architecture in my home country. I used to work, live and breath architecture until I discovered the amazing world of digital marketing. I came to Europe to broaden my horizons and I found myself in a world of opportunities in this area, first in France and then in Italy, where I am based. I currently work at UPS, where I am responsible for developing the Small Business segment for the Small Package division of the group with different digital and non-digital marketing initiatives. I love my work because I get to contribute with fresh, new ideas and implement innovative marketing approaches in a position of great responsibility as part of one of the most innovating companies in its area.


Which kind of contribution has provided to your career the MDS experience?
The most enriching part of the MDS experience for me was the incredible amount of things I was able to learn from my classmates, an international audience composed of professionals from many different areas: engineering, business management, finance, teaching, design, communication. There are many different ways of approaching business challenges and the MDS Master taught me the best approach was the one resulted from a holistic understanding of a team. Not a person.

Outline the MDS experience according four keywords or key adjectives
Interdisciplinary, exhilarating, influential, broadening.

Would you suggest this experience to other professionist?
I would definitely suggest it. It’s the kind of Master that can help you change completely your career or enhance it, depending on your objectives. And in both cases potentially boost your career.